• Bootstrapped!

    Christoffer Bo PetersenSat Jan 12 2013

    Finally i had a little spare time to update the UI, so now we have a nice responsive bootstrap :-)

  • Farewell Surftown, Hello Heroku

    Christoffer Bo PetersenSat Jun 09 2012

    As you can see i am setting up a new blog, as i wanted a free alternative to Surftowns 10 bucks a month solution, so good bye Surftown.

    As i wanted to learn a few new tricks while chaning host i decided to stop using BlogEngine even tho it runs asp.Net MVC and can be hosted for free on Appharbor, to try out something new. I recently saw a presentation by Glenn Block at GOTO Copenhagen, about Node.js i got insipred and wanted to try it out, and since there were really any blog engine in Node that fit my needs i decided to try writing something on my own. i will describe the setup on a later day, but so far its up and running on Heroku with a Mongo database all hosted for free

  • Tetris AI CPU player

    Christoffer Bo PetersenFri Aug 26 2011

    Final I got time to work a little more on my Tetris AI, I started last weekend, it was incredible fun to make, the algorithm was actual pretty easy to make and only took like a night make, I haven't done a lot testing on the values that the algorithm uses, as I had an idea of making a web service that could do some statistics on collected data with different algorithm values.The online version will do anything between 50-1500 rows before dying, all depends on the blocks it will random get, and will basically only die if it gets the worst possible blocks multiple times.
    The AI can only see the block its about to move, like the player can, its possible to switch auto play off, and manually place the blocks, ()move left ()move right ()Rotate () fast down. Its also possible to adjust the speed by moving the pin in the left side panel. For super speed choose full screen by right clicking the game, you exit full screen by using Esc.

  • Space Invaders

    Christoffer Bo PetersenWed Aug 17 2011

    My Remake of the legendary arcade game, I added a much higher pace than the original to enhance the action.

    You control with ← → and fire the laser cannon with Space key.

    You can go full-screen by right-clicking on the game to maximize the gaming experience.

    Hope you will enjoy, and ill buy beer for the top ranked :-)

    I made a small fix 8/7 13:00, so you might have to close your browser or clear your cache to be able to get the new version, otherwise you can't get on the High score list. if you played the game before this this time
    if it says error while loading the game, try refresh the page, it seems to help.

    Note, after my web server change the high score is broken, as i haven't put up a web service and database for the high score list

    features included will be described later.

  • Fun in 3ds Max

    Christoffer Bo PetesenWed Aug 17 2011

    I found some blueprints of a LegoTM man and a sword, and modeled after that

  • Android Job Search Application

    Christoffer Bo PetesenSun Jul 03 2011

    Demo video of my final exam project, made when Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen and my self were interns at Jobindex A/S

    When I had web programming, I wanted to try out some basic Silverligt graphics and made a little watch. its click able

  • Fun with Silverlight

    Christoffer Bo PetesenWed Jun 29 2011

    I had to try out the layout-path there were introduced with Microsoft Expression 4 for Silverlight applications, I really think it can be of use in a lot of ways. Here I simply put the car in the path container and moved the start location for the first element on the path.

    Click to start it

  • Unity3d Pong

    Christoffer Bo PetesenMon Jun 27 2011

    I made this small sample project to get familiar with basic stuff like, collision and player movement etc.

  • Sorting Algorithms

    Christoffer Bo PetesenMon Jun 27 2011

    At my 3rd semester we learned about algorithms and I made an animation of Bubble, and Selection sorting.

    Bubble Sort

    Selection Sort

  • OpenGL Java Pong, Controled by Arduino

    Christoffer Bo PetesenMon Jun 27 2011

    Project from last summer, created to fool around with OpenGL and the concept of using particles to everything, the game it self is really simple, but I made it so the ball explode when a player fail to return it, likewise does the line on the field explode if the game isn't started shortly after a goal. To control the game I made a homemade game pad, consisting of two potentiometers, hooked up to my Arduino, and sent serial data to the game.

    The scoreboards are made up as a seven-segment display and were a lot of fun to make.

    I took a small video of the game, but it ran alittle slow with the screen recorder running.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    Christoffer Bo PetesenSun Jun 26 2011

    My first experience with 2D Graphics, its written in Java

  • World of Warcraft PVP Statistic

    Christoffer Bo PetesenWed Jun 22 2011

    I have thought multiple times while playing World of Warcraft about why no one have made a statistics site to show who won most battlegrounds, so I started out making a addon that grabbed data, when the battlegrounds were finished, and designed a database in which the data would be stored, I made a tool to read the file that the addon wrote, along with a web service where the tool could upload the data to. And finally I put up a website to show the gathered data.

    The website was setup with the open source CMS Umbraco, the graphs are made with Open Flash Chart. The web service and Tool is both written in C# and uses ADO.net and Linq. And the addon were written in Lua

    unfortunately the site is not hosted at the moment because of my move to Heroku

    Front page

    A graph page

    The Upload Tool

  • Silverlight Suduko Solve Tool

    Christoffer Bo PetesenTue Jun 21 2011

    A late night project to see how difficult it would be to implement a little tool like this, as I once saw a lecture at DTU where a script in cplex solved a Sudoku, and wanted to try that myself.

    Click to start.

    Never got to do the auto solve function, but its still a huge help as its easy to see where to fill out next.

  • Picture Analyser

    Christoffer Bo PetesenMon Jun 20 2011

    last summer I worked a little on a CNC mill project, the idea was a windows front end, sending data to a Arduino, that controls some stepper motors, and use a Dremel for the milling.

    I made a picture analyzer, to get coordinates to cut.